• Hi, as a long time Opera fan, I'm amazed. I really want to see this project prosper. No other browser offers the same experience as Opera, but the later releases were so slow and buggy... Anyway, I'm already wondering how you are going to finance this project. Mozilla already has trouble, and they have a large market share. Many here are surely willing to give a little money to finally have the browser they want. So, will there ever be a donation system or something similar?

  • Great idea.

    After seeing what happened to Opera I really want to help Vivaldi out anyway I can. Kickstarter? Paypal donations? PLEASE, LET US GIVE YOU SOME MONEY! 😉

  • Yes, if you plan to really continue with this browser in current style and current direction, i think you would find more supporters.

  • definitely! I've already paid for opera in the past and would do that again for vivaldi, if it's browser that i want to use. And at the moment it looks like it could be my future browser. But it depends a lot of the coming integrated mail client.

  • Moderator

    i would help too!

  • I've already paid for opera in the past and would do that again for vivaldi

    What he said … 😎

  • I have really enjoyed using this browser for the past day or so and although I understand this project is very much in its infancy and the current release is a preview however it seems to handle my day-to-day use very well. I really hope they continue on this right track they are on adding new and useful features along the way. I like projects like this that involve their users and the community, I would love to help too either via donations of monetary value or feedback input and bug and performance reports. Keep up the good work Vivaldi!

  • Yeah…good point...

    This new browser is worth supporting financially. If it stays lean and mean and top performance, I would be willing to pay a yearly fee just to stay away from the top three competitors.

  • Just place a hotlink button somewhere in the browser GUI to goto a donation page - don't get crazy like Wikipedia does and hammer people with blinking 1/3rd page banners that are a turn-off.

    Suggest a $1, $5, $10 denomination options - if everyone gave a buck, they would be fully funded in a year.

    Make a "Pro" version of the browser and charge an annual renewal fee like Office 365 - I would gladly pay $12/year. A buck a month…???

    Has anyone checked out the Vivaldi Mail? Wowee! That alone is worth $12. Very clean and no banner ads. Just don't troll our email and market to us like Google does.

  • Maybe also sweeten the deal by making some Vivaldi T-shirts and either sell them outright for a set price or else if you donate a certain specified amount or more you get one.

  • Good one! I want that T-shirt….

  • I really want to give money to this project. I started using Opera too late to pay for it, but I've already switched to Vivaldi as my main browser. It's showing so much promise already (tabs on the side! :cheer:) and I hope it gets the chance to grow further.

  • If financial support is needed having Donate button somewhere definitely is a good idea, or just selling Vivaldi goodies to show off the love and free advertisement - like T-shirts.
    Depending on how the features shape, I too wouldn't mind supporting the browser in that way.

  • As a paying Opera customer since 4.something, I'd also like to support this great sounding project and would donate via Paypal. I'm also a software developer and know very good how much work this is (especially making a software project on multiple platforms).

  • Yep, I, too, would financially support a browser with great vision. Assuming it respects users' privacy, that is ^^

  • I would be happy to support such awesome project!

  • +1 🙂

  • +1 😎

  • Yep, I'd gladly provide a few $$ for the cause.

  • If V eventually had to become a paid program to survive and thrive, I would pay. In the meantime I would donate.


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