Still no bookmarks on left/right?

  • can you please add the option? i know one can use a web panel, but its too wide and you cannot just use the icons. [strike]also you have to double-click to open a link (who came up with this ingenious idea??)..[/strike] solved, thanks!

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    I, too, want to place the bookmark bar vertically at one side of the browser. I have been asking for this on and off for fifteen months, now, and I actually kind of assumed it was a sufficiently straightforward coding job that it would have been here by now - but it's not. So either it's more fraught than I imagined, or it's just a really low priority with everything else going on.

  • This is the only thing that keeps me from making Vivaldi my default browser (still using ancient Opera 12)

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    I know. This drives me a little crazy, too. Still, Vivaldi is and has been my default browser. I'll be thrilled the day bookmark bar positions "left" and "right" are added.

  • half a year later...

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    @schreck said in Still no bookmarks on left/right?:

    half a year later...

    Which, in the development life of a browser is something like the blink of an eye. I personally have been agitating for this feature for over a year. It's a high priority FOR ME. Unfortunately, there are like six of us "bookmarks on side" fans using Vivalidi right now.

    Still, just last week, one of the developers mentioned backstage where the devs and sopranos discuss things, that it's something Vivaldi needs to do. So it's on the radar. Just no time in the day to work on it yet.

  • one year later.

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    I wonder what monitor resolution the six people who want this option are using? On my 1920 x 1080 desktop, there is plenty of width to use the bookmarks panel on the right, and I leave the Panel toolbar always enabled.

  • My desktop size is 1920 x 1200. More than enough space on sides.

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