Vivaldi Won't Open and Other Stuff

  • I'm using Vivaldi on an iMac 27" Retina (Late 2014) with El Capitan 10.11.3. I'm also using Apple Mail as my email source. When reading an email and with Vivaldi as my default browser, clicking on a link in an email will not cause Vivaldi to open. Vivaldi will show the link page, but it will remain closed in the dock. Also, since this is a beta, is there another place to record feedback for Vivaldi?

  • I experience the same issue. If Vivaldi windows are collapsed to dock, window will not uncollapse automatically when selecting a URL link, opening an HTML file (by double-click or drag and drop onto Vivaldi dock icon). A new tab is activated but the window does not expand from the dock.

  • Vivaldi quit opening email liinks in Thunderbird for me. It is set as default browser. I'm having to copy/paste links to the address bar to get to these links. Using Windows 10.

  • There's another thread where a user is experiencing the same issue but with Postbox. Looks like a solid issue between e-mail clients and Vivaldi.

  • I have the exact same problem. Using El Capitan, Vivaldi and Outlook for Mac. When I click on a e-mail link in Outlook I get redirected to the desktop. I will then have to click on the Vivaldi icon on the doc so it opens and it shows me the opening tab of the link I clicked on.

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