Issue with Vivaldi since day one

  • I discovered Vivaldi somewhere between Q3 and Q4 of 2015 and I've been trying it out every now and then. With each build it get better and better, but I've noticed that if I start using it as my main browser, in about a week, it gets really slow and sluggish - both UI and page content load-wise. Pressing Ctrl+T or middle clicking, or Ctrl+clicking on a link results in a visually delayed experience I've tried using an extension for Chrome called "Clear Cache", which can delete the following sectors (allegedly): [code]Data to Remove App Cache Cache Cookies (options) Downloads File Systems Form Data History Indexed DB Local Storage Plugin Data Passwords WebSQL[/code] and also using junk cleaning tools such as CCleaner (with CCEnhancer) and Wise Disk Cleaner. If I use both (depending on whether I have CCleaner or WDC installed at a certain time), it gives me a small boost, but it eventually goes back to being slow. The only solutions I've found so far are going in C:\Users<username>\AppData and deleting the Vivaldi folder, which resets Vivaldi to its defaults, as if it was freshly installed. The other one is doing a complete reinstall, but considering that both methods produce the same result with the first method being faster, I usually go for it. So my question is "Is there anyone else experiencing such an issue?"</username>

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    Have you tried Clear Private Data?

    If you do a lot of browsing, I suspect that the browsing history and cache are the main problems. Clear them daily to keep the browser running normally.


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