How to clear auto-fill "data" without clearing whole history

  • Hi.. I have very specific problem - some day, I accidently wrote and to adress bar and hit enter. And now, every time i type fac, you, its automaticaly filled to and, its not a problem with FB, but youtube offeres me Columbian I tryed to browse history, find all "" and "" and delete it, but it didnt work. Any suggestions how to fix it without clearing my whole cache and history?

  • Open the URL droplist from the down arrow, and delete any addresses you don't wish to keep using the x button.


  • Yeah.. that does not work either

  • Vivaldi Team


    I have noticed similar issues. This is related to auto complete. We will investigate it and see what may be causing it. But just to make sure, you do not have this URL in bookmarks?

    //Christian - Vivaldi Technologies

  • No, I don't.

  • This auto-complete thing in Vivaldi is driving me absolutely crazy!

    For instance, one day I go to this video on youtube: - and forever after whenever I type "you" into the address bar, that whole URL fills in.

    SO... you then have to type "" completely - you have to type out the whole domain, each and every letter of it - including the .com! Then you have to press the DELETE key to delete the rest of the URL!

    This auto complete actually creates far more work than it saves! If it can't be fixed to default to just the domain name (as it does in every other browser), please tell us how to turn it off!

  • @jonYork Tools/Settings/Address Bar
    There is a setting for Auto-Complete.

  • @TbGbe Thank you! And for the benefit of others who may end up here for the same reason, I also just found out that if you disable "Always Prefer Bookmarks" under "Address Auto-Complete" in Settings/Address Bar - that fixes the problem I was talking about.

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