Removing Speed Dial Page.

  • I have found that some people like using the browser but don't like that the speed dial page that appears when it first opens, to stop this from happening. • Go to Tools --> Settings or press Alt + P. • Go to start up tab. • Select Start With --> Specific Pages • Enter the start up pages you would like (Home Page) • Then click add to confirm the page you would like. after closing and reopening the browser, you will no longer be greeted with your home page and speed dial. Only your selected pages.

  • Thanks for the reminder. That procedure has worked for a while now for some users, according to earlier posts here. Unfortunately, if your homepage is a local htm file (eg, of the form: file:///C:/Program%20Files%20%28x86%29//.htm ), the procedure doesn't always seem to "stick" when first tried - at least, not in the stand-alone versions I routinely use.

    I tried it yet again today, and it wasn't until the fourth repetition of the attempt that the procedure suddenly seemed to correctly interact with the settings panel, and the "Enter page URL" box shifted downward as the just-entered file name box slid in above it (with the delete "x" button right behind it). Once that finally happened, things worked as expected and as you've described with the browser starting up with only the specified page instead of the speed dial. I'm not quite sure what's causing the interface sluggishness or unwillingness to accept the entry, but it has been very real over the several versions I've attempted it, until today.

  • I have started using it within my work place, we have a custom built html page that we use to mange some things, which is a html file. I have not had any issues with this not sticking at the moment. Currently on the 1.0.403.20 (Developer Build) (64-bit) Build.

  • That's part of the fun of it all: the amazing sometimes-inconsistency of supposedly ironclad, consistent things like electronics and program code. Since I finally got the technique to get the homepage file to stick as a specific 'startup page', it's remained "stuck" that way and working fine. Except later yesterday with the latest Snapshot update.

    After the updater's auto-restart of the browser, the browser came up with a single, ordinary speed-dial display and no other tab in sight. Subsequent restarts all came up with the specified 'homepage' appearing like they should, so it apparently had to do with something in the installer browser-restart routine. 😃


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