Very, very nice.

  • … also, it's remarkable how I can recognize a Helmers design when I see one :cheer: That said, I've found a couple of immediate gremlins, and have one wish: [ol] [li]Google's Chrome extension page won't let you install extensions. Not anyone's fault but Google, of course[/li] [li]Trying to install extensions linked from third-party sites (for instance Reddit Enhancement Suite), from []here[/url] causes a hard freeze and subsequent crash on OS X (Yosemite)[/li] [li]I absolutely love "Page actions". I'd love it even more if I had an "automatic night mode" that turns the page black after sundown. Is there some API so I can hack that myself?[/li] [/ol]

  • Also, while it saves passwords just fine to my keychain, it doesn't appear to try to read them?

  • Moderator

    Hi Arve,
    AFAIK, extensions aren't officially supported yet but can be installed, for some of them (only tested Opera extensions like µblock or classic tabs), in developer mode via vivaldi:extensions

  • so long, so far, so great 🙂


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