Very, very nice.

  • … also, it's remarkable how I can recognize a Helmers design when I see one :cheer: That said, I've found a couple of immediate gremlins, and have one wish: [ol] [li]Google's Chrome extension page won't let you install extensions. Not anyone's fault but Google, of course[/li] [li]Trying to install extensions linked from third-party sites (for instance Reddit Enhancement Suite), from []here[/url] causes a hard freeze and subsequent crash on OS X (Yosemite)[/li] [li]I absolutely love "Page actions". I'd love it even more if I had an "automatic night mode" that turns the page black after sundown. Is there some API so I can hack that myself?[/li] [/ol]

  • Also, while it saves passwords just fine to my keychain, it doesn't appear to try to read them?

  • Hi Arve,
    AFAIK, extensions aren't officially supported yet but can be installed, for some of them (only tested Opera extensions like µblock or classic tabs), in developer mode via vivaldi:extensions

  • so long, so far, so great :)

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