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  • First off, thanks for offering this service! I was really peeved with myopera mail closing its doors. I had been using it to process all my mail. I had gotten to the point I really trusted it and was in the process of leaving gmail. I've been looking for a gmail replacement for some time. I read storage was 5 gigs here. That's great and perfect for me. The security of the whole site is excellent. Gets an A at ssl labs. Their only comment was something about RC4. My ip does not show up in message headers; only vivaldi's and localhost. Very, very nice. I do see the following in message headers in gmail and yandex: "Authentication-Results:; spf=permerror ( error in processing during lookup of domain of include: or redirect= caused unlimited recursion)". Mail delivery from Vivaldi is successful other than with some delay. I don't care about delay of a few minutes. Just a comment. Iceland is a long ways away. I would like to see multi factor authentication employed. Sms is good but not ideal for many. Is user info, data, and mail stored encrypted? Does mail between users leave vivaldi servers? Encrypted mail between users would be awesome. The little compose, reply, send, buttons are a little awkward but I'm sure to get used to them. Identities are a superb feature. This alone makes Vivaldi stand out from others. I'm worried about the long term goals of Vivaldi. There does not seem to be an apparent income model. How will the service servive long term? No one likes advertising or trackers. None of my business, I realize. People do appreciate transparency. Many will hate me for suggesting some sort of pay-for accounts. Though I have a small income, I'm not against paying. Keeping the price low with lots of users must be viable. I'm certainly no expert but I suspect there are many people out there looking for exemplary privacy and security for a small fee. I'm looking forward to using Vivaldi regularly. Thanks for creating it. Thanks for listening to my long-winded post.

  • It's not that you will be "hated" for suggesting "pay-for" accounts, however, that might end up excluding many from Opera who simply do not have any extra income whatsoever. And I doubt that is something the founder of this haven really had in mind. Just my two cents.

  • Nice post, rusty-nails.

    There are a number of examples that offer a lite version for free and a paid version with more features and this seems to work for them.

    With that said, I'd like to pontificate:

    We can thank the advertising industry, thank the search engines, thank all the content publishers and software companies that have built the platform and enabled the rise of advertisers, spam, crap, and clickity click crooks to the level of superpowers. But first of all we have to thank ourselves for expecting everything to be free. Now is the time for us to pay fairly and fix the web. The broken pieces will fall into place.

  • @James:

    I do agree with you.

    By pay-for, I did not mean much. Believe me; I had to retire early with little income. My email is just that important to me.
    I've looked at other options but they are too pricey.


    Thank you.

    Your reply hits the-nail-on-the-head(pun?). True and eloguent.

  • @rusty-nails:


    I do agree with you.

    By pay-for, I did not mean much. Believe me; I had to retire early with little income. My email is just that important to me.
    I've looked at other options but they are too pricey.

    I suppose the key is what you mean by "much". My wife and I are reasonably well off so I'm not really speaking for myself. I'm thinking that the term "much" could have different meanings for different people depending upon their circumstances.

    Now in my own case, email no longer means much to me. I do very, very little communication via email (certainly not what I did back in the 90's). Most communication today is via texting… even web conferencing with the kids. The few email accounts I have are web mail accounts whose privacy (or lack thereof) means nothing to me personally. But then... that's my circumstances. Yours it would appear, are considerably different so I can appreciate what you are saying.

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