Feature requests

  • Hello, I'm trying to migrate from Firefox and "Tab mix Plus." There are some features I'm missing from this combination as listed below. Vivaldi wishlist: search bar: open in new foreground tab address bar: open in new foreground tab On tab Close: focus tab to the left (allows hitting Ctrl+F4 multiple times to quickly close a bunch of tabs next to each other) multi line tab bar with configurable minimum and maximum tab width minimize to tray (I tried Minimize Chrome to Tray extension and it doesn't work.) BTW, if anyone knows how to do any of these things with a custom.css, I'd be interested in trying.

  • Hi, I am a new user of Vivaldi.
    I missed "minimize to tray". I try RBTray. Works with Chrome but not with Vivaldi.
    What can I do?


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