CTRL + number to switch tabs?

  • In Chrome, you can press ctrl-1 to access the first tab, ctrl-4 to access the fourth, and ctrl-9 to access the last tab. I use this heavily. Mail being behind tab 1 (always), calendar 3 (always), etc. Really effective and efficient way, instead of hunting. Seems like a step backwards to remove this functionality. Or have I missed an option somewhere? Thanks.

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    I don't suppose that the functionality was removed. Just one of many features that have not been implemented yet.

    Although Vivaldi uses the Chrome rendering engine, it has its own GUI.

    A lot of users have asked for the Opera shortcuts Ctrl 1 etc., to open speed dials. I have always used them to open panels. Ctrl 1 for bookmarks, Ctrl 4 for downloads, etc.


  • Great, thanks.

    I suppose the same thing for CTRL + mousewheel to zoom in/out?

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    Great, thanks.

    I suppose the same thing for CTRL + mousewheel to zoom in/out?

    That works for me on WebPages. The speed dial is not zoomable yet.

    Get the latest snapshot from the team blog

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    I'm also using this feature extensively for navigating between tabs. Not only for pre-selected tabs like you mentioned (i.e. mail on tab 1), but for everyday browsing sessions. Doing a Google search, opening 5 or so hits in new tabs, and jumping to specific opened search results based on their tab number.

    I'd be interested to know if Vivaldi is using an open issue tracker. I'd also be interested to know if the source code revision repository is open to the public, or if only "release" tar-balls are published on the web page. For open source projects it is preferable to be able to track active development, as this enables contributors to easily see if anyone else is working on a feature they may intend to develop themselves.

    Is there any feature suggestion page on which users (and potentially contributors) may vote on?

  • Hi! I just installed vivaldi, my previous browser was firefox. I used to have a set of shortcuts to toggle single tabs by number, for instance:
    Alt+1, Alt+2 …. to directly move to the tabs.
    As far as i have seen this is not possible on Vivaldi, if i'm wrong please tell me.
    I am really enjoying Vivaldi, I found it an amazing tool! This is really the only little drawback.
    Thank you!

  • I can heartily second this feature request - adding this (cmd/ctrl- <number>to switch to a specified tab) will make the browser much more useable for me!</number>


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