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  • I feel it's hard to know when Vivaldi is loading a tab or not. If it's in progress, you can see the address bar progress as the page loads, but if it's waiting, there is no indication that anything is happening. A loading icon would be great.

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    I love the popup progress-bar in Opera 12.
    You can see if the side answers or not and you see that the request was made.

  • +1 This is quite a serious issue!
    When I click a link, a button, type an address in the address bar and press enter - it's like nothing is happening.
    There is no user feedback! Basic interaction rule #1: provide instant user feedback when they do something.

    I click, I wait…. nothing happens, I click again, again, again, OH all of a sudden the action I was trying to perform takes place.

    There is a progress bar in the address bar - I know this - but there is a significant lag between clicking a link and it appearing. For some actions it doesn't appear at all (particularly in page javascript driven behaviour).

    I've compared the behaviour with other browsers; Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer.
    Firefox and Chrome, as soon as you click something a spinner animation appears in the tab letting you know something is going on. The progress bar in the Safari address bar appears instantaneously.
    See my attachments for the same state in Firefox vs. Vivaldi.

    To reproduce, try a slow network - the network I'm on currently has very high load which means DNS lookups are slow. So it is incredibly obvious.

    Surely I'm not the only one who has noticed or been frustrated by this?

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    I only see the reload icon turning into a static "X" should be an animated icon!
    Tabs would be nice too ..i think this is more important than the animated speaker icon lol.

    EDIT: it's for when using vertical tabs to be able to see the loading state ..that's my user case

  • @gagaboul:

    I only see the reload icon turning into a static "X" should be an animated icon!

    When this was brought up in the comment section of the Vivaldi Team Blog entry for Snapshot 1.0.430.3, I jokingly suggested . (If you recognize that, you're in your 30s or older.)

  • hehe, not exactly, but this one yeah

  • By the way, a bit of history about Netscape page-load throbber animations:

  • I use vertical tabs and have Downloads pinned at top - there is no indication for it that anything is being downloaded. Maybe a bit different issue than topic but still.

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    We really need a small loading icon.

  • Is there an issue tracker with voting?



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    Is there an issue tracker with voting?




  • This is about the only reason I am not using Vivaldi.
    It drives me nuts that the page is loading and there is no indication (aside from an X replacing the refresh button).
    It's like the browser is a badly programmed ajax page with no loading indicators.

  • yeah, just switched to Vivaldi and noticed this. Must be implemented! No issue tracker for Vivaldi around?

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    yeah, just switched to Vivaldi and noticed this. Must be implemented! No issue tracker for Vivaldi around?

    There's no public issue tracker. Developers and testers track issues backstage.

  • +1 This frustrates me so much…

  • Any updates on this one? I find myself submitting the same form multiple times as there's no indication that the browser is thinking.

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    When the reload button turns to a stop button, you know it's trying to load a page.

  • That is a work around that may work. Thanks for the suggestion. Tab loading icons would still be nice as it's a better user experience.

  • I've just tried the snapshot and there is still no indication that a request has gone out and the browser is waiting for the response to begin (other than the stop button).

    Thanks for the tip about the stop button BTW Ayespy. It doesn't really replace an animation, but at least I have something to look for now when clicking a button that triggers a process that takes a while to respond. Sorry, but for certain applications, this missing feature really is infuriating.

  • BTW, this should be moved to all platforms as it's not just a Mac issue.


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