'⌘+W' won't close the window.

  • '⌘+W' closes any tabs that I have but it won't close the overall window. I always end up on the 'Speed Dial' tab, which won't close. This is driving me mad. I'm very new to [i]Vivaldi[/i] so maybe I'm missing something simple. I've tried looking online and throughout this forum but so far I can't find a easy solution. Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks.

  • On my Mac, if I only have one tab left in a window, ⌘W is simply ignored, but it doesn't switch to Speed Dial, but that is probably what you meant and you only happen to have the Speed Dial tab always left as the last remaining tab, right?

    Anyway, this does seem to be a bug. Until it is fixed, you can use the ⇧⌘W shortcut for closing the window, which is a bit inelegant but much better than having to close the window manually using the mouse.


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