Two (YouTube?) video bugs in Vivaldi @ Linux

  • Hi I regularly have two bugs when using YouTube in Vivaldi. I'm not sure if it also concerns other pages that show video. Bug 1: I often open several YouTube videos in different tabs. Normally those videos start playing when I activate the tab. But sometimes if I minimize Vivaldi and then maximize it again, all the videos in all the tabs start playing at once. So i have to go and stop all of them. This only concerns videos that I haven started before (tabs I opened in the background and didn't switch to). It doesn't affect videos I paused manually. So I guess when minimizing and maximizing the Vivaldi windows, sometimes every single tab feels "activated" even if it's still in the background. This behaviour only happens at times, so it's not 100% reproducible (or at least I don't know how). Bug 2: Also only at times when I try to put a YouTube video on fullscreen it opens up in some kind of maximized windowsinstead of really go fullscreen. This is annoying too because this windows borders and the taskbar then cut off a part of the video. I'm using Vivaldi 1.0.344.37 (Beta 2) and the GUI is KDE 4.13.3 on Kubuntu 14.04

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    1. As i know, you cant disable in Youtube (YT) the Autoplay of videos in right sidebar.
    2. The fullscreen problem with YT is known.

    Please install current Latest Snapshot 1.0.403.17 from February 26, 2016 at and try once more.
    May be some issues are fixed.

  • 1. I think the 'Autoplay' setting in YouTube means something different. It's about wether you want that YouTube automatically plays another video after finishing the current one. (I never had turned it on anyway.)

    2. Ok 🙂

    I'll try it with the latest snapshot.

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