V-Deb-x64, Mint x64 17.3 KDE, & /tmp.

  • [color=#8800bb]Atm i do not know if this is an issue specifically with Vivaldi, OR, instead maybe an issue with my current KDE settings config, but i thought i'd put this out there in case anyone might have some ideas to point me down investigative paths i've not yet tried. My Mint OS runs on an SSD not HDD. My [i]/tmp[/i] directory sits in RAM not SSD via this line in my [i]fstab[/i] file: [i]tmpfs /tmp tmpfs defaults,noatime,mode=1777 0 0[/i] My RAM is 32 GB, so 50% = 16 GB of this gets reserved for [i]/tmp[/i] at boot as shown with [i]df -h[/i]: Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on tmpfs 16G 2.6G 13G 17% /tmp At [almost] anytime my pc is running i have V open, & i tend to use lots of open tabs. I tend, as a rule, not to shutdown my pc at night [nor leave it running; it's not a server], but instead to Sleep it, then Resume the next morning. Consequently the auto purging of [i]tmpfs /tmp[/i] at bootup only occurs infrequently. I've discovered that mid-sessions [of Mint] after a few days of this usual behaviour, results in my available [i]/tmp[/i] free space shrinking, sometimes catastrophically so [causing all kinds of mischief then, & inevitably necessitating a forced reboot (sometimes via REISUB when all else fails)]. Eg, currently [& after only 90' uptime, due to more of these shenanigans this morning], [i]/tmp[/i] free = 13.8 GB, with the majority consumed by what appears to be [b]multiple[/b] copies of V's Default folder copied from my [i]/home/steffie/.config/vivaldi-snapshot/Default/[/i] folder. [attachment=2700]Selection_001_20160228_11:52:55.png[/attachment] [attachment=2701]Selection_001_20160228_11:53:20.png[/attachment] [color=#8800bb]I'm relaxed at the fact of V needing to store temp stuff in [i]/tmp[/i]... that's exactly why [i]/tmp[/i] exists. However i have these questions: 1. Is it normal & "OK" that during any given Linux session, [i]/tmp[/i] holds [b]multiple[/b] copies of those V Default folders? 2. Is it normal that often, despite full reboots, & before launching V [& any other desired pgms], when i look at [i]/tmp[/i] in Dolphin i can see that already several GB have been swallowed by these copies of Default in [i]/tmp[/i]? --> It's almost like the boot process is not purging RAM & hence [i]tmpfs /tmp[/i] [which i'd have thought was physically impossible], OR, during the boot process, old data [from where?] is getting automatically reloaded back into [i]/tmp[/i]. 3. I don't yet understand how either hypothesis is possible... though wrt the reload idea, i do routinely use the KDE Setting of "[i]Restore previous session on Login[/i]" ... however i do not Sleep Mint without first closing Vivaldi. Any ideas pls?[/color][/color] Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/26803/Selection_001_20160228_11:52:55.png[/img],[img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/26803/Selection_001_20160228_11:53:20.png[/img]

  • Could be this longstanding KDE bug: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=208625

    May or may not be triggered by copying files from a network location or browsing the trash with thumbnails enabled.

  • Oh wow, thank you so very much, Spoon. Whilst i'm not happy with this problem, & certainly not impressed it's persisted in the KDE community for so long, I am at least relieved that it's NOT 1. an error I have made, 2. a Vivaldi bug. Phew! I'm really grateful for you illuminating this to me. How on earth did you know of it?

  • @Steffie:

    How on earth did you know of it?

    Just google, actually. 😎

  • Oh dear, now i feel silly [blush]. Thank you.

    Though the underlying KDE bug remains, for this Post i've now changed the icon, to indicate it's solved, in the V-forum context.

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