Reloading via address bar starts a search

  • I'd like to report the following behavior which is a bit odd [ol] [li]Open[/li] [li]Search something[/li] [li]Click into the address bar[/li] [li]Hit enter[/li] [/ol] Implemented behavior: The string in the address bar is used as input for the default search provider. In my case again Google (which now searches for it's own URL) Expected behavior: The currently active page is reloaded. I know I could use F5 or the Reload button but that's not how I am used to work. The used version is according to the About page [quote]Vivaldi 1.0.403.17 (Developer Build) (32-bit) Revision 0c0e1eb245235dfafc6a82065b23d3eaf464c8d1 OS Windows Blink 537.36 (@0) JavaScript V8 Flash 20,0,0,306[/quote]


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