Side panel shade (auto-expand and auto-folded)

  • Hi, I am a long-time Opera user and just now have downloaded Vivaldi Beta2. I like it very much, a fast and clean browser. I have words on the bookmark that I like to share with the development team. I think if the side panel could expand when a mouse pointer hovers and stays on the side bar for 300 - 500 mil seconds so that I can navigate bookmark more accessibly. You all know Mac has a similar file navigation interface when I drag a file hovering over a folder, the folder expands automatically without click. And when I move out the expanded side panel area for 300 - 500 mil seconds, it should be folded down back to the side panel. I notice I could grab and drop a URL link from the left part of the address area onto wherever I like in the bookmark, but if it can be done with the auto-expand and auto-folding, the access should be more user friendly. And it would easier if I can grab the address itself, rather than just at the left part of the address area only, it should be more easier since the area that I can grab is much larger and more intuitive. Just appreciate your effort and passion to develop the best and most user friendly browser on this planet! Sincerely yours, decamelon

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    Autohide of the Panels was a frequent request on My Opera.

    Dragging of the Address Field to a bookmark is easy in the latest snapshot. One click on the address field select the whole URL.

  • Hello Pesala,

    Thank you for your quick posting!

    I was happy to hear many has been requesting auto-appear and auto-hide side panel (bookmarks) for Opera. It may be difficult to integrate the function maybe since it has been requested but not yet get added… Hope the team would consider this function for Vivaldi since it is very intuitive and user friendly interface. I have been using a similar utility soft for browsers and even my dad could use and love it since it is so intuitive to add and organize.

    Thank you for your great intelligence!

    Sincerely yours,


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