Mess in bookmarks (no sorting by type)

  • There is no sorting by type in bookmarks - folders and links are mixed with each other. Typical illness of chrome based browsers. It would be nice and comfortable, if it were possible to configure the specific behavior of bookmarks. Eg. Sorted by type (alphabetically at the same time). Sorting by "Name" doesn't help ... Try sorting by hand 1500 links and around 100 folders (and it all still keeps growing) ! 🤢 [attachment=2692]vivaldibookmarksmess.jpg[/attachment] One more thing - speed dial should have editing / configuration that allows separate sorting order of links, so that when you turn on sorting in bookmarks, the speed dial order will not go to hell ... :evil: Either allow for pinning or assigning the hidden order (assigned number) of links in speed dial. But the idea of speed dial list available in bookmarks is good. 🙂 Ps. I am still waiting for function "edit" links available in speed dial ... Attachments: [img][/img]

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    You can edit the labels of speed dials by clicking on the label of the dial and typing. To edit the address, you must do so in the panel or the manager at the moment. But of course if you are editing the address, it might be quicker to add a new dial at the new address and delete the old one.

  • I know that I can edit it in the bookmarks, but it's more comfortable in the speed dial by right click , as in many other browsers (and their equivalents for the speed dial).
    After all, they could add editing right under the title bar in the second line or pop-up window with : choice of picture, editable title and web address …


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