Vivaldi prevents "Auto-hide taskbar" function of win10

  • I newly installed Viva and the window 10 is prevented from auto hiding the task bar. I set the task bar at the right side of screen for some reasons this is a significant issue.

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    I cant reproduce it with current Vivaldi on my other Windows account.
    That is a known issue of Windows 10, depending which programs are in taskbar.

  • According to my test done when another user asked the same thing, the problem is present only if the native window mode is chosen, so just disable that feature.

  • I have the same issue with the taskbar auto-hide with all version released to-date.

    It is correct to point-out that this issue disappears when "Windows Native Mode" is deselected…. However, doing this opens up the possibility of undesirable security or privacy "hits". And, this is a real concern for any wide acceptance of the browser.

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