Auto update fails due to failure to fully close Vivaldi

  • The last several times I've gotten the popup for updating Vivaldi and asked it to install the update automatically, the update fails. The updater downloads the new version, tells me it's ready to install, and tells me to confirm Vivaldi will be closed for the install. I hit the button to confirm, and after a short delay where I see Vivaldi close, the updater informs me Vivaldi is still running. Using Process Explorer, I can see a "suspended" version of the Vivaldi executable in the list, and Process Explorer cannot kill this suspended process. At this point, I'm forced to download a copy of the installation program from, reboot the computer, and install the new version before opening Vivaldi again after reboot. This is on Windows 10 x64, using the x64 version of the browser. Is anyone else having similar issues? Does anyone know if this has been submitted as a bug yet? Attachments: [img][/img]

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    Such problems with blocked/suspended process happen not often, but i remember that this bug is reported.
    Seems to be Windows 10 blocking such crashed processes.

  • Just updated to 1.0.403.24 (Beta 3) (32-bit) and it found an update.
    Update crashed partway through first attempt download.
    Checked update.
    Redownloaded update.
    Closes existing browser.
    Update Installs.
    launches. on windows 7 x64

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    With a USB install of 32-bit Vivalid on a VeraCrypt drive using Windows 7 64-bit, I also find that autoupdate never works unless I manually close Vivaldi when I see the dialogue after updating. Vivaldi.exe and New_Vivaldi.exe are found in the Vivaldi application folder. I have to manually delete Vivaldi.exe and rename New_Vivaldi.exe to complete the update.

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    Weird. Mine just updates.

  • I have to close the running Vivaldi for the installer on my netbook running Windows XP. It works fine on desktops using Win7 and now Win10…


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