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  • Hello everyone, ist there a way to set the thumbnails inside the "netwtabpage" like Opera do ?? [attachment=2684]a.PNG[/attachment] its not just as easy to find the right site with the way vivaldi do this with the thumbnails. (picture *b) [attachment=2685]b.PNG[/attachment] i have to search more to find thats not a easy and smart way for me i guess Attachments: [img][/img],[img][/img]

  • Yes, I had this problem. All I had to do was start a new profile, and copy and paste my notes, history, login, etc., except for the bookmarks. I'm told copying a pasting the bookmarks gives it a new ID and restores the Speed Dial thumbnails, but for me it didn't work, so I instead exported those bookmarks and imported them that way, and it gave them a new ID and restored the Speed Dial thumbnails.

    That'll just restore the stock thumbnails that come with Vivaldi. New sites that you add to the Speed Dial, however, will get the ugly website page as their thumbnail.

    I hope in the future they get a feature to give each site a universal thumbnail, kind of like Opera's does. Even better, it'd be cool to take the favicon of new sites and add them in, put a complimentary background color for them based on the favicon color, but until then, they should at least make it look nicer like what Opera is doing. I currently keep my Speed Dial totally stock because it would look weird to me adding sites that don't have the same look.

  • The way current Opera does it, allowing you to select an image loaded by the target page (including things like og:image content) or a graphic of the hostname on a colourful background, and picked using the Edit Bookmark heart button on the URL bar, is actually a pretty good way of doing it.

    Something similar for Vivaldi Speed Dial would be great. The ability to select from: an image from the target page, a screenshot, or a URL text based graphic for a bookmark would make things look better automatically. Having a text option based on page title, or even user defined text could also be useful for those of us who regularly bookmark/speeddial multiple similar looking pages under the same hostname, e.g. for work-related purposes.

    The other thing I'd say is that the Add Speed Dial Suggestions bar seems to have a weird way of picking suggestions. Rather than showing random pages you once visited, maybe it should show suggestions from open tabs and other bookmarks not already on Speed Dial.

  • This is
    not pretty smart for "speeddial" !!!

    it should be possible to change it like this (opera browser)

  • You can manage the speedial labels and images by editing the default bookmarks file with a text editor. The file is located in C:\Users*\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default..

  • Yep it should at least collect the snapshot if not for the bookmarklet for SppedDial. I am beginning to feel that this is not really ready for public use. If you release this kindof half cooked Web Browser it will turn off new users like me from ever using this again after I uninstall, while waiting for a more mature product to be released.
    I think I am going to stick to my good old Chrome. I am not going to go into any "C:\Users*\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default. " as user Tangelmann suggested

  • @cracktech:

    â€ĶI am not going to go into any "C:\Users*\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default. " as user Tangelmann suggested...

    Because of people like you developer will always earn good money. By the way, this is the same way, how has set speedial in the early opera versions. 😎

    But apart from your tone you're right. This feature is still hardly missing

  • Is this possible to implement animated speed dials like in Opera?
    This is really cool feature

  • You can use animated .gif and .webp files, unfortunately it doesn't support .webm format.

  • One thing I don't like about the speeddial pictures is that they seem to be generated without the use of extensions (or are they called addons?). I use ublock origin for example but all my speeddial previews have ads in them.

    This is a security issue imho, The main reason I use adblocker is to not get malware but if the speeddial bypasses the adblocker it seems to me that using the speeddial is a safety risk?

  • I tried to implement this Opera speed dial background but got nothing better than this poor gif
    Looking not very good in Vivaldi.


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