Remove home button?

  • Hi; The home button serves no purpose if you just resume from the last browsing session. All it does is serve as a big ad for vivaldi dot com. Can we have an option to remove it?

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    In Menu/Settings/Startup you can set it to go to whatever page on the web you would like. You can even direct it to open Speed Dial by setting it to chrome://dummystartpage.

    For now, however, it can't be removed. That option will come in time.

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    Actually it can be removed:

    .button-toolbar.home { display: none }

    See this topic for details:

  • Thanks, both of you. Good to hear it will come in time. I'll see if I can use the custom CSS trick in the meantime.

  • Thanks guys! I tried the CSS trick, and it worked. I'll keep this up until the feature to remove the home button comes.

  • For Linux users (I'm on kUbuntu 16.04.1):

    Vivaldi deb installs in /opt so paths to files to edit are

    Option with common.css didn't work for me but browser.html editing did it.
    Hope this will help someone.

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