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  • So far, Vivaldi has been great. On my Mac it's been faster than Firefox and has better features than Safari or Chrome. I still have some concerns before making it my default browser: [b]Bookmarks[/b] I have hundreds of bookmarks I've been collecting for years. They imported (from Safari) in to Vivaldi very easily. The issue is Vivaldi provides no export feature. For the purpose of both backups and data portability this is a pretty big issue. [b]Privacy[/b] After reading the website and privacy policy, it's still unclear to me what data Vivaldi (the browser, not the website) collects and shares. Like many people, I don't use Chrome because I'm not comfortable with how Google collects, stores and shares my private data. Firefox has made strong statements about their commitment for privacy. I would like for Vivaldi to be a little more clear as to their stance on privacy issues. [b]Transparency[/b] I know Vivaldi isn't open source but I'd still appreciate more transparency. I had to go to Wikipedia to find out what rendering engine it uses. I have no idea how the company makes money or how long it can sustain with its current funding. I see no place on the website that shows features under consideration or in development. I don't even know where to report bugs. Thanks

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    Look at Menu/File/Export Bookmarks. If your installation doesn't have this, then update to the most recent snapshot here: and then it will.

    Vivaldi only collects anonymous user data such as what platform the browser is being used on, and what features are activated/used.

    Menu/Help/About tells you all about the browser's guts.

    Jon, the founder, has said that he has the resources to go for a long time without making a profit. The revenue model is to make money from search provider deals, etc.

    To know where the browser is going, read the blogs and forums and the many, many news articles featuring interviews with Jon.

    To report bugs, go to

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    Also, a couple of the default search engine links that come with the browser as installed (Blink, Yahoo) are not allowed to be included in the revenue models of browsers unless the browser makers use links which redirect searches through an Israeli company that makes its money by, among other things, capturing your searches and selling your eyeballs to advertisers based on these searches.

    However, if you delete these two default searches and then re-add the search engines directly to your search menu, then these redirect links no longer exist. (Vivaldi also no longer gets revenue from your Bing or Yahoo searches, but your searches are more private).

    This is something that has been discussed on the forums.


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