Most Videos Will Not Play

  • I am consistently having issues with videos not playing in Vivaldi with messages that my browser does not support them. Although I know it's been mentioned before, this is fundamental, please fix it asap!

  • Moderator

    This are known issues for some Macs.
    The bugs have high priority as i could investigate. May this will be fixed in upcoming Beta.

  • Could you provide us with a URL or two where you encounter that problem? Also, it would be great if you could tell us your Vivaldi and OS X version number as well as whether you have Flash installed on your machine or not.

    I don't remember having problems with playing videos in Vivaldi on my Mac, so it maybe helpful to identify under which circumstances the problem is triggered (e.g., the presence of Flash).

  • This happens to me constantly. I have third party cookies disabled and several extensions. Whatever may be the cause, it never happens on Chrome, with the same extensions and third party cookies configuration. I am having problems with most Youtube videos (sometimes not being played, sometimes flickering constantly), and a number of other videos on newspapers/social networks.


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