No tabs?

  • Hi, is somehow possible to have a browser without any tab? When user close the last tab new one is automaticly opened with speed dial. Is there possibility to disable this automatic open of speed dial? Thank you for info.

  • Opera <=12 also had the possibility to have a window without tabs. Just a way to keep the application open even though you're not looking at anything at the moment, so you don't need to go through the startup time when you suddenly do want to view something.
    Not my workflow either, but in the light of having options…

  • Exactly as woefdram said. There was in opera <= 12 option to have an empty window. Some other pros are clear: lower memory usage when unused, less network traffic to check/update speed dial items…

    I have realized this as impossible now when actual build has extremely HDD usage probably caused by speedial. More in another thread about HDD usage.

    So we can only hope for that option… 😕

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    If you have no tabs open and just want to save memory, then close the browser. It only takes a few seconds to open it again. Since I am not yet using Vivaldi as my default browser, I do that many times a day and have Vivaldi to reopen with the last session.

    Edit: I just did it again, as there's a new Snapshot to try out. Snapshot 1.0.418.3

    Speed dials don't update unless you refresh them.


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