Middle-clicking a tab accidentally opens thumbnails instead

  • I often use middle-click to close a tab. It's faster than trying to aim for the [x]. But I often put the mouse too low, and instead trigger a "open tab thumbnail" mode. Then I have to close the thumbnail mode and then close the tab. Drives me crazy. An older version of Opera had an option to disable this behavior. Could you please introduce such a setting in Vivalid? Also, it'd be nice to hear some opinions on what the tab thumbnails are used for. I can't imagine wanting them. They appear in Windows 10 too, and I just don't get it. Why would you scrub through a row of tiny screenshots? What information is in there that helps?

  • Some people just wants them. I don't understand that too, but whatever - if somebody likes them, they should have them.

    I already reported your problem somewhere. Some from Vivaldi staff confirmed reading that, so I guess sooner or later it will be available to disable this behavior.


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