Encrypted messaging and file storage app Peerio goes open beta

  • The Canadian company, Peerio, who is a well known for proponent of easy-to-use encryption has now released the Beta of its secure messaging, file sharing and storage software with encryption. The complete HELP NET SECURITY article can be found here: http://www.net-security.org/secworld.php?id=17825 The German security company has audited the application and found no cryptographic bugs. It is available for Windows and Mac as well as a Chrome plug-in. The Open Source code can be reviewed at Github (https://github.com/PeerioTechnologies/peerio-client) for those that are want to review the code. For now the Beta is free. However premium features will probably require a paid subscription. For more info: https://peerio.com/

  • Hi Greybeard, hope you don't mind me sharing your information on this subjec,t with this topic we are discussing on another forum?

    A new provision in Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) prohibits tech cos from installing software without consent from the device’s owner
    All those tech companies providing auto update for their software products can take a hike. At least in Canada. According to the new rule which kicked in from yesterday introduced by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, no software can be installed and/or updated without the users explicit consent.
    The new rule applies when someone installs or causes the installation of software on another individual’s device in the course of commercial activity. The CASL said that it had noticed websites automatically install software on visitors’ computers without their consent. Often these installs are seen to be malware and adware.
    The new ruling includes the installation of software/malware which is bundled with a legitimate applications, or the installation of concealed software from music CDs, the commission said. For example online downloads of software include concealed or cleverly camouflaged toolbar or search software which are often irritating and can classify as adware.

    BTW not copying the lot just mentioning the service they provide and no URL's if they are so interested they can find them thereselves.

    Regards, Ian

  • A wee bit off topic.

    Yes, I'd heard of it….
    Those software providers (and websites) who care will amend their installers to be follow Canadian law.
    Those who do not will do nothing and still try to foist their wares on the unsuspecting public. I see no way that the Canadian government can enforce these rules for any company who is not Canadian or does not have a Canadian mirror (or site) to distribute their product to Canadian citizens.
    The internet is like the Wild Wild West and one sheriff, no matter how well intentioned, is not going to be able to clean it up by himself.


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