Quick Commands

  • How do I make custom quick commands (F2) in vivaldi browser? And, how can I google stuff straight from quick commands?

  • @Navtoj:

    … how can I google stuff straight from quick commands?

    Welcome to the forum Navtoj!

    You can type anything into the field 'Filter Quick Commands' and it is taken as an input into your default search engine.

    In my case it is the search engine DuckDuckGo but you can change that to your own preference.

  • When I type in anything in there.. and press enter it just closes and nothing happens.

  • Sorry to hear that!

    I am just doing it on Windows 10 with Vivaldi 1.0.390.3 (Developer Build) (64-bit). As soon as I press Enter the page of the search engine opens with the typed string.

    Now I tested it with google and you are right. With google it is not working. All the other given engines are working in the expected way.

  • You can type a "g" in front of your search query to use google search, or whatever keyword you use for the search engine you want. Like "g horse".

  • YES!! It works now.. Thanks. You're the best! :woohoo:

  • I nicknamed Google search engine as "g", and when I want to do Google search, I just go to Quick Command and type "g" + "keyword".




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