Simple feature requests: (Middle Click on window & Shift+Enter on forms)

  • FINALLY! I was able to create an account and post. I tried the first weeks that Vivaldi was announced but I couldn't do it!!!! YEAH! So freaking awesome!!! This is like a blessing from God. Anyways, cutting the chit-chat here is my grain of sand: These were Opera <=12.x features: When typing in any form, we were able to press Shift + Enter and the form would open in a new tab. This was useful when I was searching. I would just start typing in Vivaldi's search bar and start shift +enter ing for each search. The next thing is the middle click. Opera allowed us to middle click anywhere (besides the plus button) in the window moving space and a new tab would be created. This was so freaking useful and intuitive. Hopefully these get implemented as I don't think (pardon my ignorance) these should be difficult to implement. Thanks again for the super duper work and keep it up! Already using it as a main browser!!

  • You can already get something close to your requests:

  • SWEET!


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