UI annoyances in 1.0.390.3

  • Please please please look into these! I would so much like to use Vivaldi, but these "features" make it very hard for me to like it 😞 1) stp.viv is not working anymore, as far as I can tell. Or it works in a fashion I can't decipher - it seems Vivaldi keeps storing files in a (completely unsuitable) directory regardless of what I put into stp.viv. In the end, I resorted to the tried-and-tested method from Opera and Chrome and specify the profile directory on command-line: [b]vivaldi.exe --user-data-dir="C:\Profiles\Vivaldi" --profile-directory="Pepak"[/b]. 2) Menu behavior is awful now. Some time ago I requested that moving the mouse over menu not shift focus from the address field to the menu, and this has indeed been fixed, but I didn't quite expect that I would have to specifically click each menu to move to it. This is so different from the standard way menus on Windows behave that it makes Vivaldi almost unusable for me. What I mean: - Enable View -> Horizontal Main Menu (Native Windows may also come into play here, I don't know - I always use Native Windows). - Click on File - Move cursor to Edit. The normal behavior is that File closes and Edit opens. In Vivaldi, File remains open until I actually click on Edit. Please, use the standard Windows menu, not some custom-built set of panels made to look like a menu! 3) Double-click in the empty space on the Tab panel should open a new tab. 4) In "Use Native Window" mode, I get a title bar, but that title bar only contains the standard Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons. It would be nice if it contained the Vivaldi icon, but it is imperative that it displays the title of the current page. Otherwise the Native Windows mode is completely useless. 5) Please allow me to specify the number of Speed Dial items I want to see. Not the "maximum number of columns", but a specific value for number of columns that I want shown, with individual items being resized so that they fit. Or the dimensions of the items, I don't care, just as long as I will be able to set window with to ~1000 pixels and at the same time keep the Speed Dial display to five columns. Otherwise I can choose between using too much screen space or not seeing all the Speed Dial items I need, both choices being less than optimal. 6) CTRL+click on an image to save it. CTRL+SHIFT+click if that image is a link. 7) Multiple ways for closing tabs, with a configurable keyboard shortcut for each: At the very least, I need to be able to dynamically alternate between "Activate previous in activation order" and "Activate tab immediately to the right of current tab". I would love to have the "Activate tab immediately to the left of current tab", too, but I can make do with the above two. 😎 Please add "Right of current tab" to "New Tab Position". "Next to Related Tabs" is not a sufficient replacement! 9) When displaying stored passwords (Settings -> Privacy): 1. Highlight active row (it's easy to delete other password than I wanted simply because the Delete button it too far away from the page URL). 2. Make the list sortable. 3. Make the list searchable. 10) Same thing as #9, but for the cookies, particularly the "Manage exceptions" setting. And for JavaScript, Images and all the other Content Settings. I can imagine some of these requests could be difficult, but I would really like them a lot. Is there anything I can do to prioritize them? E.g., can I send money somewhere to have a feature made? Thanks.


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