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  • a forum search for "new tab home" returned 0 results. at some point i manually set my homepage to about:blank because that is what i am used to wanting. but now i find myself making liberal use of vivaldi's speed dial / new tab page and i want to jump to it when i click the Home button now. there is no url on teh new tab page so i cannot figure out what the url should be. i tried making it empty and save, but that doesn't do it. i've tried a bunch of about:whatevers and vivaldi://whatevers without much luck thusfar.

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    The URL is chrome://dummystartpage

    I'm sure that is subject to change, but that works for now.

  • @RRR13:

    I never could understand what is this weird love people have for the about:blank page.
    What is that page good for?!
    It's not the middle ages of browsers to claim the speed dial takes a long time to load or anything. Even if it did, would it even matter that single extra second, given all the functionality it provides?!

    Can someone please help me understand?

    Sometimes, when you just want to go to the Speed Dial, and you're finished with the current page you're on, instead of closing it, you could just click alt + home to go to the Speed Dial without having to open a new tab.

    For me, this is also useful if I'm ready to finish the day and shut off my computer. I can just make the current page go home, to the Speed Dial, to have my browser open up the Speed Dial in the morning when I boot. I guess it's kind of nice and convenient.

  • First off, this Forum has the most horrendous styling for messages I've ever seen. Alternating quotes with own messages looks like a giant mess. Don't think I'll be around here much longer….

    I never could understand what is this weird love people have for the about:blank page.

    It is not about the love for a blank page, but it's about the hate for a filled page and mostly the limitations enforced upon it.

    I find it ridiculous it's even called a Speed Dial in Vivaldi…. In the time I lift my hand to reach for the mouse to click on one of the tiles, the webpage I requested is already loading. Using the "Speed" dial slows me down.... For example you want to go to facebook here are the steps I take:
    1. CTRL + T
    2. fac
    3. ENTER

    Vivaldi has way to few customization options... and it will be it's demise.
    As I see it, Vivaldi is for basic computer users.

    For me I stopped using the browser after I ran into the second customization restriction I came across, Vivaldi enforced upon us:
    1. Can't disable Speed Dial
    2. Can't auto-hide horizontal menu

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