Development Frozen in Iceland?

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    Ten days already since the last snapshot. What's up? Were the developers trapped under an avalanche of bugs after 9th January? I am getting withdrawal symptoms — I keep checking the blog for new posts, even though I subscribed to the news feed already.

  • Well I guess they're either doing a lot of optimization work that can't be implemented until it's finished or they're planning for a 1.0 release…

  • I'm getting antsy too. I have some bug reports that I hope were fixed for this snapshot. One of the biggest ones was the fact that the mouse cursor doesn't disappear when you toggle fullscreen videos, and I got an acknolwledgment for that and was logged, so I'm guessing the fix is coming up. I also hope they smoothed out the laggy toggling of fullscreen videos.

    That, and some other fixes I hope they bring up.

    It's now 4pm EST, and if the snapshot doesn't arrive by 5, it probably wont arrive at all today. And if the snapshot doesn't arrive today, it probably won't until after the weekend, because snapshots don't come on the weekend, so I was really hoping we would have gotten a snapshot this week.


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