• Is there a rollout date planned for sync feature?

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    Is there a rollout date planned for sync feature?

    There are no official roll-out dates. Ever. For anything. The official date is WIR (when its ready) Currently Vivaldi team are working on both the server end (setting up a server farm and programming it) and the software end (crafting the code for the browser) per Jon's comments yesterday. We will get it When It's Ready.

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    Sync is really a Nice-to-have, but the priority currently getting a Final with Mail and Browser as i know.
    Sync needs a big server farm with access for users from mall over the world. Takes time to plan, to finance and to built up ,)
    So stay and wait, please.

  • I'm new here in this forum and also new with vivaldi. I use it now since few weeks and find it good.
    The vivaldi syn with a big server farm is a big and hard way.
    Why you don't go the easy way. For example we can add an ftp account in the settings. This ftp account will be used for upload and download the favorites and settings for all vivaldi browser for one user.
    My wish is to save my favorites and settings on my own server with ftp in xml format. So i don't need a big server farm or a cloud system in the background and can host my own settings and favorites on my own server.

    Maybe you like this idea.


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    Yes, a sync to a own webspace, cloud, FTP, WebDAV is planned (and requested) but for Sync more work has to be done in browser, even for Vivaldis password store.
    Please understand Vivaldi Technologies is not as big as Mozilla or Microsoft or Google and has restricted human resources to add all wishes of users. ;)

  • @Gwen-Dragon & other developpers,
    Does the sync feature progress ?
    I need a local (not via the net) feature allowing to merge notes and links "exported" from several PCs.
    This had been done for the old Opera.


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    @ketalar: Yes, sync is progressing.

  • Don't wish to bother you, but Sync WITH the ability to store all data in Cloud or own webstorage has just huge marketing potential. You would literally become the Next browser with PRIVACY in mind, just as Firefox and therefore many users will come and see what you have to offer.

    Just please make it right, you've already done a wonderful job now so keep moving forward in the right direction! ;-)

  • I am new to Vivaldi. Its seems really cool.I am too waiting for Sync features.

  • @Ayespy How's that coming along? Do you think 1.10 is the last version before 2.0 with sync and mail?

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    @D0J0P: Nope. Sync infrastructure is basically complete, I think. We testers have not even seen the first version of the UI for it - so there's a lot to do. M3 is working quite well - but there's some REALLY important parts of it that are missing for the public to try it out. I would not call either one really close to "beta" release state.

  • @Ayespy Sounds farther away than I thought. I was thinking maybe this summer we'd see it, but maybe Q4 of this year instead for both sync and mail?

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    @D0J0P : each will appear, independent of the other, when it's ready. Somehow Q4 seems a bit far off to me. But I could be wrong.

  • @Ayespy Far off in a good way, as in you think it'll come sooner? Or later?

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    @D0J0P: Sooner would be my completely non-authoritative guess.

  • @Ayespy thank you for the update. I'm very much looking forward to this feature. The lack of sync is probably the biggest reservation I have about recommending Vivaldi in its current state.

  • @Ayespy That's reassuring. Thank you!

  • Thanks for the feedback, sync is a must have nowadays, glad to see that you're close to roll-out that feature. Keep up the good work. Long live Vivaldi. :)

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