Can't login to site

  • Hi Been using Vivaldi for a little while now and I've got to say I'm impressed. Here's one problem though that I can't get around. One of the news sites I look at regularly is Alphr (http:/// I can't comment on stories, though: I have a Disqus ID but when I click on Login and Disqus Vivaldi briefly opens another page (I think it says 'Please Wait' at the top) and then closes it again. If I want to comment I've to resort to another browser. I'm using the Windows 64-bit version. John

  • Moderator

    Sorry to hear that you cant login. The problem with empty login window is a known bug.

    May be you can login at disqus first and then reload the site you wanted to login. That should work if third party cookies are allowed in Privacy settings.

  • Ah, that would probably explain it - I tend to turn off third-party cookies. No worries, I can wait for a fix. Vivaldi is still way better than anything else out there.



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