Opera Mail build 1044 released

  • I guess same security update as Opera 12.18 Windows only Direct link here http://ftp.opera.com/ftp/pub/opera/mail/1.0/win/Opera-Mail-1.0-1044.i386.exe

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    Was even released same time as Opera 12.18. And it can be downloaded at http://www.opera.com/computer/mail

    But nice you posted this 😉

  • The update prevented access to my most frequently visited sites, so I am back on Opera 12.17 again.

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    Seems Opera Mail is a dead horse now.

  • If you can get it right, Thunderbird is a very solid client right now. I'm using FossaMail which is the "pale moon" version of it. Very recommended.

  • @NSANE:

    …Thunderbird is a very solid client right now. I'm using FossaMail ....

    Your post, & hence my reply to it here, are both off-topic, but i'm weak & have thus succumbed to temptation :cheer: For the past couple of months i've been assessing my practical options to finally move away from MS Outlook 2010 [which i run in a Win10 VM within my Linux OS] to a FOSS GNU Linux client… not only for email, but also the other essential PIM modules i need, ie, Calendar, Contacts, Notes & Tasks. Having previously [2014] made an initial intensive stab at this via the disasters of Evolution & Kontact, & also then found how hopeless is Thunderbird's (in)capability with complex tasks management, i've more recently adopted standalone Linux GNU pgms for Notes (CherryTree] & Tasks (Task Coach], & then over the past week have migrated myself to Thunderbird for Email, Calendar & Contacts only. Though i do miss some of the nice Outlook functionality, i'm also very much enjoying being free of MS at last [having migrated from Win7 to Linux in 2013-14], & am specifically liking several nice features & functional advantages TB has over Outlook.

    What has made my recent TB experience more satisfying is addition of some key add-ons, viz "Calendar Tweaks", "Signature /Auto Paste /Prefill Fourms", & "Silvermel and Charamel XT". Literally only a few nights ago i discovered FossaMail. Given that Pale Moon was one of the browsers i adopted during the wilderness years between Opera Presto & Vivaldi, i was keen to try out FossaMail once i heard of it, so i installed it t'other night. Though it might imply i'm only trivial & superficial, when i found that it is incompatible with "Calendar Tweaks" & hence i'd be stuck with the clunky & old-fashioned TB-esque GUI of FM without this add-on, i dropped any further idea of moving from TB to FM.

  • Six weeks ago, two weeks after my preceding post, i looked again at FossaMail, discovered there'd been an update, installed it, discovered i could now install those cool extensions & several others i'd since discovered, & entirely changed my mind. FossaMail has been my default email & calendar client since then. Aside from a few minor grumbles, overall i'm loving it, am not missing Outlook 2010 at all, & indeed am enjoying the various features present in TB/FM that OL lacked.

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