Mail Suggestions and Help

  • I wanted to create this thread to give a few suggestions for the mail client, and ask for help, because I just started using Opera 12 portable, and I've tried out the mail client. I'm really interested, and want to figure out how I can make it usable for me so I have something to look forward to in Vivaldi. And if I give suggestions, I can put it in the All Platforms thread. Some things I would like in Vivaldi mail: - The ability to have the mail automatically marked as read as soon as I open it. - To have all the folders I have on my Gmail, in place, and synced the exact same way. On Gmail, I have my main inbox, the default Social and Promotions tabs, and the other folders I don't really use. I'm not a super complicated mail user, and I have some promotions I set to put in another folder. I would like it if Vivaldi mail would pick up just the folders I have in my Gmail and allow me to see all my stuff just as easily as I would in Gmail. If the mail client is as easy as using Gmail, then I would love to use it. Otherwise, I find Gmail easy enough to use and I'm very used to it, so I hope I can feel comfortable enough using another mail client and one that can properly set up my gmail stuff. If anyone has any tips for Gmail stuff, let me know. - To be able to move and sort my folders. - To show the conversation thread between me and someone else in the same message box, so I can see the other person's reply and not have to dig for an older email in the email list. - One of the things that makes Opera 12 so nice is it's font rendering. I'm quickly seeing how superior it is, and it also makes the mail client charming and easy to read. I would love it if Vivaldi would ditch Directwrite and start getting good font rendering soon after their mail client releases. - Overall, I hope they don't completely copy the mail client Opera had, but improves on it with their own version like they did with the other panels and make an easier to use, better version of it. Now, some of the stuff I've been having trouble with in Opera's mail client is it not fully filing my folders and tabs in Gmail properly, but also, under "Today" in the Inbox folder, I see some email at the top that are 2 years old. It's really strange, and I don't know how to fix that. I'm hoping that Vivaldi's mail client will beat the Opera one, and it probably will considering they're making a mail client for today instead of one for 5 years ago. It'll probably work better with Gmail.


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