Can we get a Touch Mode? Full screen mode plus pull out gui elements?

  • One of the main things I miss about win 8.1 is the lack of Modern IE browser. For smaller tablets Modern IE is probably the best web browser ever made. It is a completely full screen web browser and you use swipe commands to pull up the gui elements you want when you need them and then they autohide leaving you with a full screen browser. Now every browser has a full screen mode but they are not very useful on tablet since you have to exit full screen mode to navigator to other web pages or settings. full screen web browsing on smaller tablets let you use more screen space for pure web consumption instead of taking up 20% of the small screen on the gui. Can we get a touch mode that would auto hide gui elements for a full screen browsing experience and let us swipe out gui elements we needed like Modern IE did? This issue is preventing me from putting Win 10 on any of my Win 8.1 tablets. I'd like a browser to solve this issue since MS doesn't seem to want to.

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    There's no touch-screen/tablet version yet. There will be.

  • Thanks this would be awesome and solve my Win 10 issues


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