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  • Howdy all, I've been using Vivaldi browser for a while. Irrespective being a Beta or using the latest snapshot, I find Vivaldi's Bookmarks management an absolute fiasco. I'm not sure if this is Linux specific (I'm a Linux user) but there are few rough edges when it comes to Bookmarks and I haven't seen it getting any better. My main concerns: (running latest 1.0.390.3 (Developer Build)) 0- Bookmarks folders cannot be renamed. (bug) 1- Right clicking on the Bookmark bar does not provide any options whatsoever. (usability) 2- Creating New Bookmark Folders is buried way too deep in the options. (design) Basically, the entire management of bookmarks is unusable for what it does (or what I expected it to be?) Is there a known version where Bookmarks options behave in a way that we don't have to suffer for running Vivaldi while trying to bookmark and organize links?

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    0- is fixed in internal build. please wait until next Snapshot is released.
    1- needs a context menu for bar, true.
    2- What do you mean by options? In bookmarkmanager you can create folders, what is missing for you?

    Bookmark manager development is not 100% complete. There are some usability issues.

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    Another whining willy introduces himself to the forum with nothing but petty complaints and a nightmare thread title.

    I wonder what you expected from a project under development?


    • Big deal! Create a new folder and move the bookmarks
    • Context menu on the bookmarks bar works for me, but I guess you're too lazy to enter settings to turn it off? Use a shortcut
    • In the bookmarks panel, New folder works for me
      I am sure that the developers will welcome constructive criticism, but please be polite next time.

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    The context menu only works on existing bookmarks, i think Ralphys asks for context menu on empty part of bar.

    You may call me a dumb soandso, but i cant see any practical use about such menu because all can be done by "Add bookmark" in addressfield or by Ctrl D.
    Please explain why such menu is needed?

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    The context menu only works on existing bookmarks, i think Ralphys asks for context menu on empty part of bar.

    I thought so too, but there's not a lot of need for one: Top, Bottom, Text Only, Icons Only, Icons and Text, Bookmarks folder to use. All of these are settings that rarely change once a user has become comfortable with their setup. Opera 12.17 has a choice of Button/Text Styles, but not position, and an Appearance item to open the customise dialogue.

    I am open to sensible suggestions, but no case was made for anything that would improve usability.

  • Calling this a "nightmare" seems a tad melodramatic to me. 😉

  • When I first downloaded Vivaldi sometime last year, and I tried to create folders, it felt very cumbersome and kind of hard to try to create and move folders. It works now because I figure it out, but it creates a new folder within the folder selected, when you can't just create a new folder at the bottom of the folders and then move the folder wherever you want. I think that would have been a much better behavior for the folder creation, it would be a lot more predictable and could allow you to more easily move the folder.

    Also, one thing making the current folder creation hard is because there's always a folder selected, and the folder newly created goes under the folder that's highlighted as selected, and there's no way you can unselect anything in the panel.

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    "All of these are settings that rarely change once a user has become comfortable with their setup."

    I guess we have to remember that some people are a continual flurry of creating, deleting and moving bookmarks and bookmark folder for one reason or another, and are never comfortable with their bookmark setup because bookmarks for them are dynamic, rather than static. I personally have been comfortable with my bookmark setup and very very rarely need to change anything - and that's usually only because a website moved or changed the address of a sub page. Hence, I've been happy with Vivaldi bookmark management for quite some time, since I essentially never have to manage bookmarks.

    If I were one of these "dynamic" users, I would be unhappy, indeed, with the current state of Vivaldi bookmark management.

  • I don't believe I was rude in my post not I pretend to call names anyone. Irrespective, Pesala, you seem to have a massive ego overwhelming a tiny brain for calling someone lazy, whiner and everything else in your post just because. Please, ignore me and accept my apologies if my initial post made you feel uncomfortable for whatever reasons.

    @Gwen-Dragon, it might also be the case that I don't understand how Vivaldi's Bookmarks work in its current state and that's the reason why I find it so unfriendly. The browser in itself is fantastic, to the point that at times one might forget that it is (still) a beta product.

    There are few things that I find really rough (and that's because everything else in the browser is organized and really well designed in my opinion):

    0- Create a New Folder and "Use it as Bookmark bar"

    Issue: After its creation, renaming the folder is not possible.


    1- Create a new folder under your Bookmark bar folder.

    Issue: After its creation, renaming the folder is not possible within Bookmarks Management. Right click context menu does not provide the option to "Rename" the folder. Entering a new "Title" for the folder in question does don't change the folder name.


    BUT users can right click the folder in the Bookmark Bar and "Rename" it there using the contextual menu.


    2- Subfolders and/or bookmarks in the Bookmarks Bar cannot be rearranged by drag and drop. Users must open Bookmarks Management to rearrange folders or move bookmarks around from folder to folder.

    With all and all, if you happen to have 100-200 bookmarks like myself, it becomes a pain to go back and forth in Vivaldi to reorganize and manage them, rename folders, sub-folders, you name it.

  • Luckily, the bug on not being able to rename folders has been acknowledged, fixed and logged, so we will see it for sure in the next snapshot, Ralphys.

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    I don't believe I was rude in my post

    I didn't say you were rude, just that you were whining. Your first post and your latest childish retort demonstrate very well how immature you are.

    This browser is just one year old, and there are sure to be areas that need refinement.

    Thanks for the tip about renaming items on the bookmarks bar. That saved a lot of space for me. It's not much help as a workaround for renaming folders in the side panel, but it does help a bit.

    If you name folders correctly when creating them, then you won't need to rename them.

    100-200 bookmarks is not a lot. I have 1,388 in 88 folders. Some users will have more. The best method currently, is to do your bookmarks organisation in Old Opera, then re-import your bookmarks from the File menu, Import Bookmarks and settings.

    Improvements will come gradually. By all means make suggestions, but others might not agree with you that what you want is very important. If you present your ideas in a mature way, you're more likely to get support for them.

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    It should be mentioned that the inability to rename folders is a very recent bug and already fixed internally. This is not something we users have been living with for the past year. It just happened. That said, the bookmark management system is quite immature and will be fleshed out into something really good, I'm sure. It's miles ahead of what we had to live with 10 months ago, and still has a fair distance to go before it's really good.


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