Collapse current bookmark level not possible with left arrow from anything but top nesting line

  • Keyboard navigation improvement request - In line with everything keyboard-driven, and efficient as possible - when you are at a nested bookmark level, "left arrow" only collapses it when you are on the top of that particular nesting level. Meaning - if you are further down the list you need to "arrow up" to the top of the current nesting level before you can "left arrow" to collapse it Feature request - for items further down in the list, "left arrow" should re position at the top line of the current nesting level and a further "left arrow" should collapse it Thanks

  • Moderator

    I am sure that you mean "Left Arrow" and not "Right Arrow" to collapse a tree, but I see what you mean.

    Opera 12.17 has the additional shortcuts Shift Left and Shift Right to collapse or expand all

    If you select the Light Bulb icon for your first post, it's easy to see that it's a feature request thread.

  • I am sure that you mean "Left Arrow"

    You are correct, I meant left ,and somehow wrote RIGHT about 6 times 😞

    Thanks for pointing out such a recurring mistake
    The light bulb is a good tip - you can see it's my first post ever !


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