No caret on some textfields

  • Hi! When using Twitter and Facebook, there is no caret when trying to type on the fields. In Facebook I con see it on the search field and on Twitter on the Post a new Tweet field. Text is typed and appears on the field. Both sites, however don't recieve the event that some text has been typed and so, they don't remove the placeholder text and text is added to the end of it. In the case of Twitter, furthermore, no button to post the new tweet and no count of chars appears. This is happening, at least, since latest 2 (two) updates of Vivaldi snapshot.

  • I have the exact same problem on my Windows 10 X64 with X64 Vivaldi.

  • I noticed this issue today as well. I'll try to determine if there's a particular site that does it consistently.

  • Moderator

    The missing text cursor in text fields is a known issue and already reported. Bug #VB-12834
    I hope the fix will be released in this week's Snapshot.

  • Many of my passwords use symbols for accents ( ¨ ` ´ ^) and I can't type any of these in password fields with vivaldi!!

    It pretty much makes the browser unusable to me.

    Any fix coming soon?


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