Vivaldi and Jolla

  • Hi there, I know, I'm a exot, but I have a request. On my Jolla there are accounts, for example, Google, etc. Since the last update are there more entrys, but you are not there. Can you please talk to the Jolla people and register there? Thanks Beise

  • Vivaldi Team

    Thanks for suggestion!

    We will think about it.

  • +1 - my dream would be to have Vivaldi integration (password sync, anyone?) on my Jolla devices (phone & upcoming tablet).

  • Hei!

    It would be great if you would also consider to port Vivaldi to Sailfish OS. A cool browser meets a cool OS …


  • Moderator

    When Vivaldi is built for Android, it should be automatically available on the Jolla, since Sailfish is supposed to be able to use Android apps.

  • Hi,
    that's not quite right. The accounts are anchored deep in Sailfish and part of the image.
    Each time, when the system will be update they added new accounts. Maybe you get in touch with them


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