Double-click on Tab bar improvements

  • OK time for a small (but important) feature request: The actual behavior for doubleclick in the tabbar is to maximize/restore the window, or you can hack the configuration file to change it and open a new tab instead. As always, Opera 12 is still on a whole different level since it's able to bring you both behaviors at the same time 😎 In O12 the maximize/restore feature is triggered double-clicking on the few pixel on top (and obviously you don't need to be a sniper since you've to put simply the cursor on the extreme top of the screen), while using all other spaces in the tabbar will open a new tab Vivaldi already has a small (not enough for me...) space above tabs so all you've to do is simply separate that space from the tabbar itself (since you use an HTML GUI I can figure it as a new

    <div>element 😛 ) and assign the maximize/restore action to it thanks in advance ;)</div>

  • I really hope they provide an option for double-click tab bar to open new tab. A great feature.

    It would be especially useful now since I find that new tab icon is a bit inconsistent. Sometimes when you hover over it, it highlights, but when you click it doesn't activate.

    I think it is because it scales up and down when you click it.

    For example, if you maximize the window, hover over the new tab icon and move your mouse to the top of the screen. When you click the icon will animate as if it has been clicked but no new tab will be open.

  • I was going to request the same feature (double-click for new tab) and found some other people already asked for it. Therefore, please count my voice, this would be very useful.

  • @toxpal
    It's already like that for long time.
    Double click on empty space where page tabs usually reside will open new tab. Doesn't matter either you use horizontal, vertical, top or bottom tabs.

    The original OP seem want for maximize/restore feature. Which I think already work that way. Aside, that maximize/restore usually handled by Window Manager.

    And ugly, seem met problem that doesn't exist any more.

  • 1.6.689.40 (Stable channel) (32-bit) - double-clicking empty space just changes window size, doesn't open any new tab? I'm clicking here -

  • @toxpal
    Ah, yes. I see.
    You'll need to "Use Native windows" for Double Click New Tab. But until last snapshot, there's a bug if your Vivaldi window was maximized. Double Click will create new tab and un-maximized Vivaldi window.

    Ironically, the bug is what 1st OP asked.

  • In vertical layout it works that way - doubleclick open new tab. I'm miisng option to move "+" (new tab) button to the top.


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