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  • The more I test Vivaldi, the more I can't believe it's developed by Jon and all old Opera folks :dry: In the History page it seems there's no way to view the full URL ... this means you've no way to understand what link you've to click when all have the same title and the same domain: [img size=600]http://i.imgur.com/yKM5hNS.jpg[/img] Are that 4 links the same? :whistle:

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    As a very lame workaround hack for now you can use the context menu, "Copy Link Address" and paste the address into the address bar (or even a notepad document), where you can read the whole thing.

  • well, consider I'm not really using Vivaldi yet (maybe in 1-2 years I could consider the switch from Opera 12) so it's not a problem I've to find a solution… I simply test and report all bugs and things that need to be worked on (and, sadly, I see A LOT of them )

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    The browser is in its infancy. It has a lot of growing up to do. That said, it has been growing like a weed. It has been receiving features and fixes faster than anything I've ever seen in 20 years as a beta tester.

  • Good… so my hope to find a good alternative in 1-2 years will not be so unattainable 😛

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    As is heard internally the History is a Chromium part and wil be rewritten after Vivaldi Final was released.


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