Vertical tabs with tab thumbnails needs tweaking of design

  • [b]First off, I love the vertical tabs! [/b] [i] However, when I use the vertical tabs with tab thumbnails I keep on getting confused about which of the tabs is the currently selected one (when glimpsing over the tab column and wanting to make a quick selection). I often end up having to pause for a few seconds and look over the tabs. It is also sometimes difficult to discern where one tab ends and another one begins. There needs to be something in the design that separates the GUI and the thumbnail content in a much clearer way. The framing of the tab thumbnail needs work and maybe strong transparancy or some other filter on the image itself that clearly discerns it. Also make it clearer which thumbnail a tab title belongs to - as it is now you need to figure out whether the titles in general are placed below or above the thumbnails and then work out which thumbnail you are looking to select. [/i]


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