Opinion on Google Chrome with Brotli

  • Brotli in now enabled on my Android device (Nexus 7) and it is speedier. Did install Dev version on Windows and it seems to have improved there too! [url=http://www.christianpost.com/news/google-chromes-brotli-compression-makes-internet-browsing-faster-155630/]Here[/url] is one article about it (among many now). Might not be much for a long while seeing that would have recently discovered (in England i believe) how to make internet 50k times faster than basic highspeed broadband. Sorry, don't have article about this on hand.

  • Moderator

    You mean brotli works in Chromium 50?
    Vivaldi will change to 49 first. So you have to wait.

  • No rush. 😉


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