[Tutorial] Sharing settings between linux and windows

  • When using same browser profile between windows and linux, extensions will break. You need two scripts, each converting profile from the other OS. lin2win.js: [code] var fs=require('fs') var pfile = process.env.USERPROFILE + '/ApPData/Local/Vivaldi/User Data/Default/Preferences' var spfile = process.env.USERPROFILE + '/ApPData/Local/Vivaldi/User Data/Default/Secure Preferences' var prefs=JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync(pfile)) var sprefs=JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync(spfile)) var s=prefs.extensions.settings for (k in s) { var ext=s[k] if (ext.creation_flags==9) ext.path = ext.path.replace("/","\") } sprefs.extensions = prefs.extensions fs.writeFileSync(pfile, JSON.stringify(prefs)) fs.writeFileSync(spfile, JSON.stringify(sprefs)) [/code] win2lin.js: [code] var fs=require('fs') var pfile = process.env.HOME + '/.config/vivaldi-snapshot/Default/Secure Preferences' var prefs=JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync(pfile)) var s=prefs.extensions.settings for (k in s) { var ext=s[k] if (ext.creation_flags==9) ext.path = ext.path.replace("\","/") } fs.writeFileSync(pfile, JSON.stringify(prefs)) [/code] You need nodejs installed on both systems to run this. On linux, run win2lin.js on start of your desktop session, on windows lin2win.js on logon. The means to do so are up to you, as it depends on the setup and particular flavors used. This is really a chrome bug, but it would be great if vivaldi fixed it. It's little things like this, when working right out of box without kludges, which made opera great.


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