Vivaldi Snapshot or Beta 2?

  • Hey guys, In this development stage, which would you recommend - beta 2 or the current snapshot? Stability wise? (I've had some random total freeze & crashes on beta 2). Thanks!

  • The beta versions are the most stable versions at the time of their release.Currently, further bug fixes, stability improvements, and feature additions are incorporated into the subsequent Snapshot versions. Consequently, the Snapshots are typically more up-to-date, including some of the bug-fixes for issues in the prior Beta version that have been incorporated into the subsequent Snapshots. However, the Snapshots overall may be less stable in certain areas, since there are new features that are continually being added and undergoing debugging. At present, once Snapshots fix enough Beta issues, the latest Snapshot is 'cleaned up' and separately released as a new Beta version.

    Just keep in mind that Beta installations only update with new Beta issuances; Snapshots only update with new Snapshot issuances - the channels are separate in terms of updating. Any channel's version can, however, be manually installed over any other version of any channel, and thereafter will carry the channel updating definition of the manually installed version thereafter.

    Eventually, once further dust settles on the entire development flow, there will be Stable 'released' versions that are feature-frozen, Beta versions that are feature-frozen but still undergoing bug-fixing, and Snapshots where features are fluid and stability not the primary focus. (Assuming, at least, that Vivaldi follows the development pattern of other browser families… there is some question currently if much or any actual Beta-channel debugging can be done of itself, given Vivaldi's finite manpower).

    Myself, I've stuck with the Snapshots consistently because I've found they usually solve more of the problems seen in the prior Beta versions than are created by adding or altering features. YMMV. If you demand absolute stability in a browser, that day has not yet arrived for Vivaldi - but it will eventually. That's why I still keep Firefox Stable as my default browser for critical affairs, even though 97% of my daily browsing is done using Vivaldi Snapshot versions. The only time I install and use Beta versions is when they've just been released and until the next Snapshot comes out, whereupon I return to the Snapshot path. Once a true Stable Vivaldi version is released, it will become my default browser of choice, but most daily browsing will remain with the Snapshots.


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