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  • I'd like to report a bug in Vivaldi 1.0.390.3 (Developer Build) (64-bit). Its impossible to navigate in the waveforms provided by the player, or start playing a song by clicking on them (as it is supposed to do), one has to use the player located at the bottom of the page and, hence, can't nearly navigate as well in the songs played. The Bug exists in the latest Beta, too.

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    Can confirm sime of your issues with internal version.
    I'll check this.
    I get freezes on Windows 10x64 clicking in timeline and player, timeline and player or often in timleline.
    But this happens in Opera 35 and 36 DEV too.
    Works in Chromium 50.

    Reported as bug VB-13000 "Freeze if clicking in song timeline and below in player at Soundcloud"

  • It doesn't freeze for me, just ceases to interact, it plays fine, but can't be controlled via the waveforms. Problem still exists with Vivaldi 1.0.403.15 (Developer Build) (64-bit).

  • Vivaldi 1.2.490.32 (Build) (64 bit) [ed83fbb8e3c73c44071bc536e5d54fd078e89e6e]
    Cannot log in with Google + and Facebook: it keeps loading buttons but browser doesn't show them.


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