Vivaldi kept crashing when setting up ImprovedTube Extension

  • [attachment=2590]a.png[/attachment] My Vivaldi kept crashing whenever I tried to set up ImprovedTube Extension. Please help me. Attachments: [img][/img]

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    You mean this extension

    Please update your Vivaldi to Snapshot 1.0.390.3 from
    It should be fixed.

  • This is ImprovedTube. We got another mail these days about the same issue. Looking forward to read if there is anything we should do.

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    @improvedtube: Thank you for your interest. I suppose you could download and install the latest Vivaldi Stable (see home page) and Vivaldi Snapshot (available on the Teamblog/Snapshot Blog) and see if your extension works in them and, if not, dope out why not and make adjustments.

  • Thanks! Yes, more specifically i meant 'should' (not 'could', edited above), to see if there is any specific update to Gwen-Dragon's answer where she sounded as if this was solved

  • It was me who found the new issue with the latest Vivaldi snapshot (1.8.755.3, and at least 1.7.735.39) and latest ImprovedTube (0.7.92), on MacOS. It's fine on LinuxMint.

    ImprovedTube used to work fine, but I haven't yet gone through the archives to see at what point Vivaldi or ImprovedTube started to fail.

    I discovered that if you go to Extensions -> ImprovedTube -> Options and try to change e.g. Player Resolution, Vivaldi crashes instantly. But if you go to YouTube -> Click the little ImprovedTube icon in the URL bar -> Options then it works perfectly. So perhaps there's a difference between the options overlay.

  • Thank you!
    We were still hoping for Vivaldi to have a look.

    One third user (who brought me back here recently) also told us
    that it was crashing trying to open settings on MacOS (since January 17, 2017 or earlier)

    Thus i sounds to me as if it could be the same issue, that was fixed on windows
    (through Vivaldi Snapshot 1.0.390.3) just now in the MacOS version?

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