Importing Bookmarks Draws in the Wrong Bookmarks

  • When I import bookmarks I'm getting the wrong ones, and either they're from months ago on my current browser or from a different browser. My Vivaldi browser is 1.0.344.37 (Beta 2), the browser I'm attempting to grab the bookmarks from is Pale Moon 26.0.3 (default browser), on a Win 7 Pro SP1 machine. In addition, I have other browsers installed but mainly unused other than to keep abreast of tech trends: Chrome 48, IE 11 and Opera 32. Chrome and IE have no bookmarks. Opera was uninstalled recently and had a set of the old bookmarks, and although I selected the "do not save data" option when I uninstalled it, I don't really know if any backups of are hidden somewhere on my system. Since Pale Moon is a relative of Firefox, I use the Firefox option when importing. On Vivaldi, I did this to import: I open a new tab | Bookmarks | Import | Mozilla Firefox | Check all 4 boxes | Import As noted above, this does indeed result in a full set of bookmarks being imported, but they are old ones (from Pale Moon and Opera) but definitely not the ones currently in Pale Moon. I cannot find what directory/filename Vivaldi is accessing to do this importing nor a way to choose. Any suggestions? Thanks! Paul

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    Export the bookmarks you want to an HTML file and import that file.

  • This did the trick!



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