Cant import passwords from beta2 into any snapshot

  • Love Vivaldi with Linux 17.3 cinammon. Have both vivaldi & snapshot packages in Package Mgr so get each snapshot upload from repository but have tried from .deb as well. I can launch either version from menu. After launching snapshot only bookmarks transfer over. Cant get passwords or my chrome extensions imported from any method such as external password manager (csv,html file); tried reinstall of opera 12 and also Firefox; copying files over from vivaldi into snapshot in my filing system. Nothing works. Ive read almost everything blogged or from search engines. What do I need to do? Thanks in advance.

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    There is no sync function to enable this yet. If you can't remember your passwords, you can read them at Chrome://settings/passwords and transcribe them, you can use something like LastPass (I would prefer something like KeePass)., or you can wait for sync of passwords. The passwords are encrypted, and cannot be copied or moved. They can only be read by the installation of Vivaldi in which they were installed.

  • Thanks. Keepass2 hasnt worked as the import function on Vivaldi drop down menu offers "bookmarks.html" only.
    Ok…I'll wait.

    Really appreciate this new browser!!!

  • Try this:

    cd .config
    mv vivaldi-snapshot snapshot_old
    cp -a vivaldi vivaldi-snapshot

    And start vivaldi snapshot. I've migrated profiles between versions with no issues, the only problem with passwords is when moving a profile from windows to linux.

    If you want to share profiles between the two, that might be a bit more riskier, but you can symlink the two directories:

    mv vivaldi-snapshot snapshot_old2
    ln -s vivaldi vivaldi-snapshot

    Better backup both directories (vivaldi and vivaldi-snapshot) before running any of the commands.


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